What's New
  • 27 December 2009: Development version 1.9.10 was just released
  • 8 September 2008: Development version 1.9.9 was just released
  • 2 Dec 2006: Development version 1.9.5 was just released

MozEX is an extension which allows the user to use external programs for these actions:

  • edit content of textareas (possibly utilizing a spell-checker, color syntax etc.)
  • view page source
  • handle mailto, news, telnet and FTP links
  • download files
  • ... and many more :)
Now also with Firefox 3 support.

Download here: Install

Detailed changes are listed in the development section.

MozEX is currently maintained by Vladimir "neuron" Marek MozEX was originally written by Tomas Styblo.

The code is available under the Mozilla Public License or the GNU General Public License.

The mozex project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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