What's the status of mozex ?

Mozex is a very ugly hack, in the most negative sense of the word. Its functions should be included in Mozilla/Firebird. Mozex is not intended to become a "standard" tool and it definitely should go away as soon as possible.

Please bug the developers of Mozilla to provide sane, documented and complex support for external programs as a part of Mozilla/Firebird.

I've installed Mozex and configured my own editor, but the "View Source" command still uses the default Mozilla's viewer.

Mozex doesn't change the default viewer. The editor you configured may be launched from the "mozex" sub-menu of the main context menu, which appears when you right-click somewhere on the page.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts ?
  • SHIFT+F10+X+S => Mozex->View Page Source
  • SHIFT+F10+X+F => Mozex->View Frame Source
What are the "Source" and "Textareas" commands for ?

These commands define the text editor that you want to use to view the source of a page/frame and to edit the content of textareas.

The source of a page/frame differs slightly from the actual content of the file on the remote server.

It happens when viewing the source of a remote file. Local files are opened directly from the disk. Remote files are opened using Mozilla's internal function (nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveDocument), which modifies the source a bit. It apparently tries to make it more standards-compliant. I'm not aware of any way to prevent it.

How can I edit the content of textareas using an external editor ?
  1. Set the editor using the "Textareas" command. Don't forget to append the %t argument to the path of the editor.
  2. Right-click on a textarea and select "Edit textarea" from the "mozex" submenu.
  3. The editor should open up. Write some text and then save it.
  4. Left-click on the textarea.
How do I use the universal handler ?
  • Specify a comma-separated list of protocol schemes for which you want to use the handler.
  • Specify a command to use as the handler. Do not use any arguments.
  • Full unmodified URL will be passed to the command as the first argument.
  • An example skeleton of a handler written in perl is available here. It makes use of the "URI" perl module.
The "View source" function sometimes doesn't work well with pages generated as a result of a POST request.

Confirmed. I doubt it will be fixed any time soon.

Windows: What's the command to View Source or Edit Textarea with Notepad ?

You have to append the "%t" argument (without the quotes) to the path of your editor. For example:

C:\Windows\notepad.exe %t

Windows: How do I use mozex to handle mailto: links with my mailer ?

The answer: You don't. In Windows you shouldn't use mozex to handle mailto: links. The Windows and Macintosh versions of Mozilla/Firebird are able to use the default system mailer. Please follow the documentation that is available somewhere else on the Net.

Windows: How do I use Thunderbird to handle mailto: links ?

In Windows you shouldn't need to use mozex. Please refer to the previous answer.

UNIX: How do I use Thunderbird to handle mailto: links ?

You have to use a wrapper (a simple shell script). There are two problems that the wrapper solves:

  • Mozilla sets the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME environment variable to its base directory. This variable is inherited by its child processes. Unfortunately Thunderbird checks this variable to find its own base directory, which is different from Mozilla's base directory. Therefore the script must unset or reset the variable.
  • The command line arguments, that are passed to Thunderbird, are different when Thunderbird is already running and when a new instance of Thunderbird has yet to be started. The script must be able to differentiate these two situations and set the arguments accordingly.

You can find the script and further instructions here.

UNIX: How do I use Mutt to handle mailto: links ?

You have to run mutt in a terminal emulator (xterm, rxvt, konsole...). Use the following command:

xterm -e mutt mailto:%A?subject=%S&cc=%C&body=%B

UNIX: How do I use Evolution to handle mailto: links ?

evolution mailto:%A?Subject=%S&Cc=%C&body=%B

UNIX: How do I use KMail to handle mailto: links ?

kmail -s %s -c %c --body %b %a

UNIX: How do I use Balsa to handle mailto: links ?

balsa -m mailto:%A?subject=%S&cc=%C&body=%B

UNIX: How do I use Sylpheed or Sylpheed-Claws to handle mailto: links ?

sylpheed --compose mailto:%a?subject=%S&cc=%c&body=%B

I'd like to use Mozex to handle links in Thunderbird.

You're out of luck. There is no version of Mozex for Thunderbird and I'm not going to create one.

Where is the format of the mailto: URL specified ?

RFC 2368: The mailto URL scheme

The mozex project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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